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Design your communication with Radio Yacht
and your events with Lunare project.

Events – Plan your happening

An event is a great way to present your world and express your values. The atmosphere and mood you create is something your guests will savour and take away with them. The sensory dimension is our trademark, quality our creed, and professionalism our rule. Whether it’s a party, a convention, or a performance, we can organize it with you, developing your idea in the Radio Yacht style and with the Lunare Project music.

Deejay – Choose your music selector

Music connects us to our emotions, helping to highlight and remember them. But, above all, music creates emotion. Music sets the scene in the best films and adverts, and you can do the same for your events, choosing the lunar DJ that best corresponds to your style.

Lunare Project has a great track record for organizing large and small-scale events of every type, and our DJs are happy to work exclusively for you.

Compilation – for your business

Traditional communication channels are often not enough to convey the specific details of your business style. You need something more exciting and music is a powerful, direct and universal way to reach your audience.

The Radio Yacht – Lunare Project compilation is the perfect combination of form and content, which uses sensory, acoustic and graphic stimuli to create your world and make people want to belong to it.

Sponsoring – Product Placement

Persuasion is an art. The power of a voice as it evokes and recounts an experience, against a background of music that marks the time and atmosphere; these are the ingredients in the business space in the Radio Yacht cloud space.

Endorsement from one of today’s most popular creators and presenters, Roberto Barone, provides one of the best slots of the day “a summer sunset recreated in winter”, and his testimonial gives added value to your communication because he is so well-known, and so credible.

Special – create our project

We are ready to work with you to develop that intuition or idea that you haven’t managed to realize alone.

We have always accompanied our clients throughout the creative process to give identity, strategy and content to unique and exclusive projects: from communication to planning, from design to selection of the best locations, to special performances that are created ad hoc.

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